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Load Balancing & Redundancy
High availability, reliability, and redundancy are key components of maintaining a successful 24 x 7 web presence. Constant® Hosting sales engineers will examine your solution and provide you multiple options for introducing cost effective load balancing and redundancy to your enterprise.
Constant® Hosting Load Balancing and Redundancy Options

  • Ability to intelligently manage visitor flow during periods of high traffic bursts
  • Add high redundancy to mission critical systems
  • Custom designed depending on your specific solution needs
  • Multiple hardware options and price points available

Standard Load Balancing Setup

  • Your solution's traffic is routed through a redundant load balancing cluster (A)
  • The redundant load balancing cluster (A) forwards traffic intelligently to the web server clusters (B)
  • Many other load balancing solutions available!

Handle Higher Traffic and Increase Availability
Constant® Hosting load balanced clusters are strategically designed to ensure your resources are never overworked while at the same time provide a high level of reliability in case of hardware failure.

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