Dedicated Bare Metal Servers, Orchestrated In The Cloud

Gain a competitive advantage with full server control and high performance on your own dedicated hardware.

Cloud Orchestration

A single-tenant environment with all the controls needed to power your most resource intensive workloads.

Global, Accessible, Automated

Flexible access to dedicated physical servers with zero virtualization layer and zero shared resources.

High-Speed Networking

Access a burstable network connection up to 2 x 25GbE with each dedicated server instance helping you deliver low latency and high-speed throughput to your end users.

Powerful Control

Gain direct access to all server resources with zero virtualization layer. Ideally suited for resource intensive applications or workloads that require single-tenant or non-virtualized environments.

Dedicated Performance

Secure server hardware that’s 100% yours - zero noisy neighbors, zero shared resources, and no metered CPU and IOPS resource limits. Everything you want from a single-tenant environment without the overhead.

Deploy Anything, Anywhere Within Seconds

18 international locations enable you to develop locally and deploy globally.

Chicago, Illinois United States
Miami, Florida United States
Amsterdam Netherlands
New Jersey United States
Dallas, Texas United States
Paris France
Tokyo Japan
Seattle, Washington United States
Los Angeles, California United States
Silicon Valley, California United States
Atlanta, Georgia United States
London United Kingdom
Frankfurt Germany
Sydney Australia
Toronto Canada
Stockholm Sweden

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