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Firewall & Security
High availability, reliability, and redundancy are key components of maintaining a successful 24 x 7 web presence. Constant® Hosting sales engineers will examine your solution and provide you multiple options for introducing cost effective load balancing and redundancy to your enterprise.
Standard Firewall Protection
Firewall solution provide significant security advantages, bandwidth savings through malicious traffic blocking, as well as performance benefits.

  • Significantly lower risk of security intrusions through strict access control lists
  • Lowers bandwidth costs by filtering malicious traffic at the firewall level
  • Improve response time by blocking malicious and discovery scans before they reach the server
  • Increase reliability by filtering multiple types of DDOS attacks
  • Multiple hardware options and price points available

SPAM Filtering & E-mail Security

Constant® Hosting provides intelligent e-mail solutions to protect you from the #1 source hackers use to target your enterprise. Our secure e-mail products offers significant advantages, including:
  • Detect and filter junk and malicious mail
  • Scan attachments with updated antivirus software
  • Detect e-mail spoofing to prevent social engineering

A wide array of firewall, security solutions, and PCI compliance assistance are available through Constant® Hosting. Contact us directly for additional information.
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