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Disaster Recovery
Your IT systems are critical to your business' success and therefore planning for disasters, man made or natural, is important for any company. Constant.com disaster recovery expertise allows you to geographically replicate your infrastructure throughout multiple points of presence.
Constant.com's Disaster Recovery Benefits

  • Prepare for unexpected natural and man-made disruptive events
  • Replicate your infrastructure to allow redundant failure in different geographic locations
  • Introduce multiple layers of data backup
  • Provide a guide to develop business continuity plans for your IT systems
  • Ability to add 99.999% uptime for mission critical systems
Find Out If Disaster Recovery Is Right For You!
New Customer? Our sales representatives will work with you to understand your current infrastructure setup and guide you through our different disaster recovery options.

Existing Customers? Our technology team is already familiar with your infrastructure and we can guide you towards cost effective options that will work in harmony with your business' operations.

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