Vultr and Qdrant Forge Partnership to Deliver High-performance AI Vector Search
Partnership Announcement

We’re excited to announce a groundbreaking partnership with Qdrant – a leading advanced vector database technology provider – as part of our Cloud Alliance program. This collaboration aims to revolutionize cloud infrastructure and empower businesses with state-of-the-art technology in the rapidly growing AI ecosystem.

This alliance combines Qdrant and Vultr's strengths to provide seamless scalability and performance for vector search workloads. Leveraging Vultr's expansive global footprint and customizable platform, deploying vector search workloads becomes remarkably flexible. Qdrant's innovative Qdrant Hybrid Cloud, combined with Vultr's user-friendly virtual machine provisioning and Kubernetes-native design, simplifies the setup process for prototyping and building next-generation AI applications.

One key benefit of this partnership is the unprecedented flexibility and control it offers developers.

They can now easily deploy fully managed vector databases on Vultr's adaptable platform. This ensures seamless adaptability, data privacy, and centralized management over vector database clusters, enabling rapid development cycles without modifying existing setups.

This collaboration provides developers with powerful tools and significantly advances AI infrastructure innovation. By combining Vultr Cloud GPU, powered by NVIDIA, with Qdrant's advanced vector database technology, businesses, innovators, and developers worldwide have exciting opportunities to enhance their AI projects. The "one-click" installation of Qdrant Hybrid Cloud on Vultr further streamlines the process, making it accessible to many users.

Let's dive into the key features that optimize AI development:

Vector Database and Vultr Managed Kubernetes

Qdrant's cutting-edge vector database technology seamlessly integrates with Vultr's infrastructure and Managed Kubernetes offerings. This integration ensures efficient storage and retrieval of high-dimensional data for AI applications, guaranteeing optimized performance, flexibility, and reliability in a comprehensive cloud-native solution.

Hybrid Cloud

Developers can deploy fully managed vector databases within their Kubernetes clusters, tailored to meet diverse AI project requirements, built for data sovereignty and privacy, and benefit from centralized management alongside Vultr's straightforward virtual machine provisioning. This solution offers unparalleled flexibility and efficiency for AI-driven applications.

AI Acceleration Suite with RAG

Vultr Cloud GPU, powered by NVIDIA, and Qdrant's support for RAG use cases, provides essential technology support for AI projects. Whether powerful hardware acceleration for AI model training and inference or advanced information retrieval for AI-generated responses, this combined technology ensures optimized performance and enhanced natural language understanding and generation capabilities, empowering users to drive transformative AI-driven solutions efficiently.

Increased price-to-performance

Vultr's cost-effective solutions can save businesses up to 90% on their cloud spending compared to running similar workloads on hyperscaler cloud providers. Paired with Qdrant's efficient vector database technology, this exceptional price-to-performance advantage ensures optimal investment value for developers, maximizing their ROI in AI initiatives.

The partnership between Vultr and Qdrant represents a significant milestone in advancing AI cloud infrastructure. Together, we are committed to providing businesses and developers with the tools and resources they need to succeed in the ever-evolving landscape of AI technology.

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