See Vultr and Console Connect in Action

We recently collaborated with Console Connect at Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, showcasing the latest integration of Vultr Cloud with Console Connect CloudRouter® and EdgeSim products and benchmarking it against AWS. The partnership between Console Connect and Vultr creates a robust AI ecosystem, enabling real-time processing, heightened security and fostering innovation across industries.

The collaboration between Vultr and Console Connect provides businesses with high-performance global connectivity and user-friendly cloud infrastructure. Leveraging Vultr's extensive international reach and state-of-the-art GPU infrastructure powered by NVIDIA with Console Connect's widespread on-ramps and edge connectivity, this integration simplifies global networking, accelerates digital innovation, and empowers organizations to confidently embrace the digital future for growth and new opportunities.

Link Console Connect Network with Vultr Cloud

Before we begin, let's identify the key components necessary for the upcoming scenario. This will demonstrate how customers can leverage the Console Connect network with Vultr Cloud. We'll explore how it works, benchmark Vultr against AWS, and delve into its integration within the AI ecosystem.

To replicate the setup, we'll focus on the Paris Region for both cloud providers to assess Vultr Cloud's and AWS's performance. Additionally, we'll incorporate an IoT device – a laptop with the Edge SIM inserted, situated in Barcelona (MWC).

To tie everything together, we'll utilize the Console Connect dashboard. For detailed instructions, please watch the video tutorial on connecting Vultr Cloud with Console Connect CloudRouter®.

How does EdgeSIM work with Vultr?

Edge SIM is a mobile connectivity solution that ensures secure connections for edge devices without relying on the public internet. Internet backhauling is a common practice for most IoT connectivity solutions. It leaves traffic from connected devices exposed to the public internet when it passes from the mobile operator to back-end applications and hardware.

What makes EdgeSIM different is that traffic directly passes from a mobile gateway to Console Connect's virtual private Layer 3 network, ensuring it bypasses the public internet.

It enables direct connectivity between devices and global clouds, data centers, and offices, combining private networking performance with mobile network flexibility for comprehensive control and security over IoT assets. Console Connect facilitates connections between ports, from port to cloud, or between different clouds. For further insights, read our post on how Vultr, Console Connect Cloud Router®, and Edge SIM work seamlessly together.

Configure Layer 3 for Vultr, AWS, and IoT

With our platforms seamlessly linked, let's select the gateway that bridges the IoT device in the Paris Region in Barcelona, the Vultr Cloud, and AWS. This strategic alignment of locations ensures minimal delays between Edge devices and their corresponding applications, fortified with tailor-made routing and stringent security measures.

It is worth noting that the SIM cards have been seamlessly integrated into both Vultr and AWS cloud environments, allowing us to configure them within CloudRouter® to guarantee seamless reachability. This ensures that routing for the SIMs is efficiently propagated through CloudRouter®, promoting optimal connectivity.

How does Vultr benchmark against AWS?

Below, you can see that as soon as the status moved to "Active," the instances appeared in the dashboard. You can see AWS results at the bottom (IP: between 75-91ms. At the top, you can compare them with Vultr (IP: results, between 71-78ms.

Vultr benchmarks favorably against AWS regarding network speed, as evidenced by lower latency results. This is crucial as network speed significantly impacts user experience, with faster connectivity enabling efficient data transfer and real-time communication, ultimately enhancing website traffic and scalability of cloud resources.

Console Connect and Vultr within the AI ecosystem

The partnership between Vultr and Console Connect uniquely positions AI projects for success by providing high-performance network infrastructure that ensures agility, security, and optimized traffic routing. With Vultr's global access to the latest NVIDIA GPUs and Console Connect's scalable and flexible solutions, AI projects benefit from a seamless integration within the AI ecosystem. This collaboration enhances AI capabilities and offers reliable multicloud connectivity, paving the way for efficient and innovative AI deployments.