API v2 Has Reached General Availability
When we announced our API v2 last year, we were excited to garner feedback directly from our amazing developer community. We’ve taken your feedback and worked to improve not only the API but also our entire ecosystem. We’ve already seen tremendous adoption of API v2 and today we are pleased to announce that API v2 has reached General Availability!

What’s New with General Availability?
Our official open source drivers and API documentation will now default to version 2. The API v1 endpoint will continue to be supported but it will be considered in maintenance mode.

New Features in Vultr’s API v2
• Resources have CRUD actions with RESTful design
• Increased performance with more flexible rate limits
• A new cursor-based pagination to simplify list handling
• Improved naming conventions across-the-board
• We've added and expanded existing error messages
• Resource IDs have been standardized to UUID v4
• Uses consistent and well-formed JSON
• And more! See the full API v2 documentation at: https://www.vultr.com/api/

Enhancements to Open-Source
The principles introduced by APIv2 - including the RESTful design, improved rate limit, and pagination - extended themselves wonderfully into our open source tools and clients. This is why we migrated our open source projects to use API v2 as the new foundation. You can browse our open source tooling on Vultr’s Github and Kubernetes portals.

Consistent Dashboard Experience
The customer portal interactions have also transitioned to API v2 ID style. When looking at your instances, block storage, or load balancers, you will notice that the V2 IDs are what is being passed around as reference. This allows for a consistent behavior between our dashboard, the API, and our tooling.

Support Information for API v1
API v2 has become the default API to use when interacting with Vultr. While we will continue to maintain API v1 and are not announcing an End of Life (EOL) date today, we intend to deprecate this endpoint in the future and provide a minimum of 6 months notice prior to EOL. We strongly urge everyone currently using API v1 to begin the transition process to API v2. Do note that v1 has been updated to include the v2 IDs to help during the transition process.

Ready to Learn More?
For more information and to get started with API v2, visit our API documentation or try out our open-source tools on our GitHub Page.

If you have questions or feedback, we'd love to hear from you! Reach us on our contact page or tweet @Vultr.