Accelerating Vultr's Vision: The Independent Infrastructure Cloud

By J.J. Kardwell, CEO

Vultr Community,

The Vultr team is focused on bringing the easiest-to-use, highest-performance, and most cost-effective cloud computing platform to developers and businesses around the world. I am pleased to announce that in support of this mission we have closed a $150 million credit facility with J.P. Morgan and Bank of America. What this will mean for our users is accelerated access to more Vultr capacity and capabilities in our 17 global locations, as well as the addition of new locations around the world. What remains unchanged is our status as a true independent cloud provider.

Vultr continues to be a completely founder-owned company, and has become one of the largest cloud computing platforms in the world. The cloud infrastructure market is inherently capital intensive, and reaching Vultr’s size and growth rate without ever raising equity capital is unprecedented in this market. This has only been possible through the high degree of automation and software content in our technology platform, the work of our exceptional team, the vision of our Founder and Executive Chairman, David Aninowsky, and the passion of our more than 1.3 million customers.

Our independence gives us strength
As an independent, private company with no outside investors, Vultr can remain focused on delivering a cloud computing platform that is accessible by developers and businesses of all sizes around the world. As the cloud computing market has evolved over the past decade, the Big Tech clouds have increasingly catered to the small percentage of customers with massive budgets. Since Vultr’s inception in 2014 we have focused on meeting the cloud infrastructure needs of the vast majority of users, who care deeply about ease of use, performance, and cost effectiveness. Our user interface reflects this focus, and in comparison with the hyperscalers, is more streamlined and user-centric. As a completely independent company, we don't bring any particular proprietary ideology to our platform, and we embrace open source software wholeheartedly. We have no desire to compete with our customers, and in fact seek to partner with best-of-breed solution providers throughout the cloud ecosystem.

Built for developers and businesses of all sizes
As a bootstrapped and independence-focused company, it’s important to us that individual developers around the world be able to easily and affordably use Vultr for everything from personal projects to starting a new company. It’s equally important that our small business, mid-sized business, and large enterprise customers can rely on Vultr for their most demanding cloud infrastructure needs. No independent cloud provider is as focused on meeting the needs of customers of all sizes. We know that there is a lot more that we can do, but with features like Direct Connect, BGP (BYOIP), Bare Metal, Windows Server, and SSO, Vultr has made major investments to meet the needs of all businesses. A rapidly-growing number of businesses are recognizing Vultr as a platform that enables them to move faster, while also saving money.

Growing our team and our infrastructure
In addition to accelerating the deployment of infrastructure globally, we have grown our team with leaders who can help support Vultr’s rapid expansion. Matt Amundson joined as CMO and Shonal Narayan as VP of Demand Generation, to bring Vultr’s message to new users worldwide. Ryan Pollock, our new VP of Product Marketing, just published a great blog post explaining why he joined us after having worked at Google Cloud, DigitalOcean, and Oracle. Most recently, Shane Zide joined as VP of Channel, to build additional partnerships with managed service providers, cloud resellers, digital agencies, and technology partners. As we continue to expand our team we are actively hiring for a number of open roles.

Vultr’s future
With over a million developers and businesses across 185 countries relying on Vultr, we will continue to put the needs of our customers first as we expand. We will remain focused on our core capabilities in compute, storage, and networking, and we will partner with complementary technology providers to bring our users even more capabilities through our Marketplace. Now, with the addition of our new $150 million credit facility, we will be deploying more infrastructure than ever, in order to deliver enterprise-grade cloud computing at a price and ease of use that makes it accessible for developers and businesses of all sizes around the world. With Vultr’s cloud infrastructure, the sky is the limit. We know the cloud can be difficult to navigate, but at Vultr, we know the way around. We hope you choose to fly with us.