Vultr Wins Dell Technologies’ Global Alliances AI Provider of the Year, Americas Award

Vultr is excited to announce that we have been awarded the Dell Technologies 2024 Global Alliances AI Provider of the Year, Americas Award. This prestigious honor recognizes technology providers who exemplify Dell Technologies' commitment to driving AI innovation on a global scale.

Leadership Comments

"We are honored and proud to win Dell Technologies' Global Alliances AI Provider of the Year in the Americas region, as it reaffirms our joint strategy to give customers global access to the technology and infrastructure needed to scale their AI initiatives," said Kevin Cochrane, Vultr’s CMO. "This recognition builds on our longstanding relationship with Dell, which is based on trust, innovation, and a shared vision for the future of AI. We look forward to continuing our work together as we pave the way for the next generation of AI applications."

"In addition to our strategic alignment on AI, we share a joint commitment to our customers and equipping them with best-of-breed tools and technologies to achieve success," added Laurelle Roseman, Director of Global Channel Sales, Vultr. "The true strength and value of our efforts lie within our dedication to driving their success and helping them realize the full potential of their AI innovations."

Utilizing Dell Infrastructure

Enterprises and digital startups worldwide can utilize Vultr's powerful core cloud compute and bare metal services, built on Dell infrastructure, to deploy and scale their AI-native applications. Specifically, with Dell PowerEdge servers, customers can run various AI/ML applications through Vultr's global network of 32 cloud data center locations spanning six continents. Thanks to Dell's advanced server technologies, Vultr can guarantee our customers worldwide cost-effective, high-performance cloud computing solutions.

Driving AI Innovation Together

The award highlights the strong collaboration between Vultr and Dell Technologies, showcasing how our combined efforts push the boundaries of AI and cloud computing. This recognition is a testament to past achievements and a marker of the ongoing innovation driven by the Vultr-Dell relationship. Together, we enable customers to harness AI's power more efficiently and effectively, ensuring they stay ahead in a rapidly-evolving technological landscape.

As Vultr continues to expand our cloud services, our relationship with Dell Technologies remains a cornerstone of our strategy. The Global Alliances AI Provider of the Year award is a significant milestone, reflecting both companies' successful collaboration and shared vision. Vultr is committed to further strengthening this relationship, driving future innovations, and delivering unparalleled AI solutions to customers worldwide.