Music.AI Chooses Vultr for Unmatched AI Training Power with NVIDIA H100 Tensor Core GPUs

Music.AI has partnered with Vultr to leverage NVIDIA H100 Tensor Core GPUs, propelling its AI training capabilities to new heights in a significant leap for the music and audio innovation landscape. This collaboration ensures that Music.AI can continue its trajectory as a leader in AI-powered audio solutions.

Since its inception, Music.AI has been at the forefront of integrating AI into the music industry. With the launch of its enterprise-grade AI platform in December 2023, the company has revolutionized how audio is processed and utilized across various applications. Music.AI's proprietary AI models handle more than 2 million minutes of audio daily, catering to over 1,700 applications and serving a staggering 45 million users globally.

Accelerated AI training with NVIDIA H100 GPUs

Integrating NVIDIA H100 GPUs into Music.AI's operations marks a pivotal enhancement. These GPUs, available through Vultr, allow Music.AI to train its models at four times the previous speed. This rapid training capability is a technical improvement and a strategic advantage, enabling Music.AI to maintain its edge in an increasingly competitive market.

Kevin Cochrane, Vultr's CMO, emphasized the importance of robust training systems for AI development:

"Training is essential for developing AI systems that are accurate, robust, transparent, and capable of tackling real-world scenarios. As a pioneer of AI-powered music and audio, Music.AI needs global access to NVIDIA GPUs to train its AI models confidently. This will position it well to stay at the forefront of innovation as a leader shaping the future of the music industry."

Hugo Rodrigues, CTO of Music.AI, also expressed his excitement about our collaboration:

"Music.AI is committed to advancing the adoption of AI music and audio technologies fueled by a new generation of machine learning capabilities. Since its inception, Music.AI has set out to make AI models accessible and establish a foundation for AI and audio innovation. We are excited to collaborate with Vultr and Dell as we pioneer new AI services to revolutionize sound. With their help, we will grow and scale our enterprise business, delivering state-of-the-art AI solutions for various applications such as stem separation and voice timbre modeling."

Global reach and scalability

With Vultr's extensive cloud infrastructure, Music.AI can seamlessly deploy and scale our models across 32 cloud data centers on six continents. Our comprehensive cloud and AI services portfolio further enhances this global reach, including the NVIDIA GH200 Grace Hopper Superchip, HGX H100, A100 Tensor Core, L40S, A40, and A16 GPUs. This infrastructure supports AI training and facilitates regional tuning and global inference, which is essential for delivering precise and efficient AI solutions worldwide.

Leading the future of AI in music and audio

Music.AI's platform is a technological marvel and a transformative force in the music industry. By processing millions of minutes of audio for a wide array of clients, from record labels to independent musicians, Music.AI is laying the groundwork for the future of music creation and audio analysis.

With the enhanced capabilities provided by Vultr's cloud platform and NVIDIA GPUs, Music.AI is set to push the boundaries even further, offering unprecedented speed, efficiency, and scalability in AI training and deployment. This partnership highlights our commitment to supporting groundbreaking innovations and providing the infrastructure for leading-edge technological advancements.