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Geo DNS - Geographically Routed DNS
The Domain Name System is a fundamental building block for the internet that allows visitors to look up your website's domain name and translate it to an IP address so traffic can get to your site. By using our proprietary geographically-targeted DNS system, your visitors will look up domains using the closest available DNS server, improving their overall experience on your site.

Since DNS lookups are routed to the closest available geographic location, the load times for your visitors are significantly reduced. This speed improvement translates into higher visitor retention and more page views across your entire Geo-DNS domain.
Geo DNS Cluster Locations
Our Geo DNS clusters are strategically placed in close proximity to high web traffic geographic locations. We are always monitoring and expanding our locations as traffic growth increases from a certain region.
Get Geo DNS for your site
Adding Geo DNS is a simple and transparent process which does not require any configuration on your part.
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