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Constant® Hosting Enhances Dedicated VPS with OpenStack Grizzly
Jun 01, 2013

Constant® Hosting Dedicated VPS infrastructure is powered by OpenStack (www.openstack.org) and has been upgraded to the recently released Grizzly version. This large upgrade from the previously supported Essex version brings numerous security and performance enhancements as well as additional features. An important networking feature now supported provides for directly attached public IPs to Virtual Machines. With Network Address Translation (NAT) no longer required at the Hypervisor layer enables a new range of application support to the cloud compute platform.

"The performance of our production OpenStack Grizzly clusters outperform our Essex deployments and delivers an outstanding feature set to our end users." states Peter Borghard, OpenStack Product Manager.

In addition to outstanding software enhancements, Constant® Hosting production environments are deployed on next-generation hardware with a minimum of 24-cores per Hypervisor and network connected with 10Gbps fiber to our non-blocking high speed network.

Order your Constant® Hosting Virtual Private Server today, or contact [email protected] to inquire about hourly billing and API access!

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